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2017-07-06 11:00 pm

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Every running playlist I make is straight out of Good Omens. No matter what my intentions, in the end it's mostly Best of Queen. :-) They're so great!

So for the few who haven't seen this yet, that's what happens when the pre-concert music for Green Day in London includes Bohemian Rhapsody.

watch )

and I just have to include this from thirty years ago.
Queen live at Wembley )

I really have to sleep now, that's the only reason I don't embed everything Queen.

OK, just one more. )

Mamaaaaa... also appropriate because it's my mother's birthday, I guess. (Though I didn't kill a man.)
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2017-01-22 10:26 am

Dear anti-Trump-protesters

the Women's March is the first news item on my radio and on the news sites here in Germany.

We see you. We are with you. Thank you for fighting.
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2017-01-08 08:34 am

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So... long time no see?

I've been reading my flist the last ... however long it's been, probably years, I've read fic, but I've been lurking forever. But now a lot of people are posting again, and I'm so happy about that.

Today I got what I thought was a phishing email from LJ, but apparently someone "liked" an entry in [personal profile] marie_a, a journal where I posted poetry (not mine) between 2004 and 2006 and completely forgot in the meantime. So I imported it, and if I ever feel like it again, I can use it here.

The recent LJ discussion didn't really affect me, since I deleted my LJ even before DW started. (And it's a little weird from my perspective, since my privacy concerns have always mostly been about USian companies and government having access to my data.)

I deleted my bio, now I'm trying to think of something to put there...
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2015-05-17 06:49 pm

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I just got back from "Mad Max: Fury Road".

OMG! *turns around to see it again*

Definitely the best movie I've seen in a long time. Probably the best action movie I've seen in the last few years.

This is an amazing movie, just like everyone said. There's quite a lot of body horror (which got a little downplayed in the reviews I saw), but if that doesn't bother you too much, see it if you can!

Seriously, I just booked my ticket for the evening showing today.
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2014-09-20 08:42 pm

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My team lost today. But this is more important:

Der Tag wird kommen )
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2014-06-17 09:58 pm
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People are wrong on the internet

This article on immigrants in football has a great premise, but is sadly full of mistakes.

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Anyway, atm it's Brazil - Mexico, and if I'm still awake, Russia - South Korea.

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2014-06-17 06:29 pm

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All my life is work and football right now.

Germany played an awesome game yesterday, and I'm a little proud that I thought of this pun:


yesterday. Though I didn't see Ronaldo cry - maybe next game?

But yes, watching all the football. Which is a little difficult since I need to sleep sometime...

*goes back to BEL - ALG*
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2014-01-10 07:45 pm

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Here, watch an amazing video!

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2013-11-07 10:09 pm

and now - the weather

Autumn, the bad and the good: a lot of rain, dark days, but also the amazing smell of the forest.

This is a post I wrote so I'd post *something* at all - feel free to skip )

So... hi! *waves* ... *ducks back into lurkerdom*
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2013-09-18 08:45 pm
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Wednesday Reading Meme

What are you currently reading?

On the Kindle: Huntress, Malinda Lo. So far I like it, it's a fast read, though I suspect it won't be rereading material. Still, fun!

At home: The Hanging of Angélique, Afua Cooper. A book about Canadian slavery focused on the story of Marie-Joseph Angélique, a black slave who presumably started the fire that burnt down Montréal in 1734. I knew nothing about the topic, so it's slow going, but a compelling read.

In bed: Jahrestage, Uwe Johnson. Still one of my favorite books of all time. I rearead this a lot. It has daily entries from the life of Gesine Cresspahl from 1967-1968, who tells her own story, her family's story and thereby German history of the 20th century up to that time. Every time I reread, I find new things in it.

Audio: The Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss. I'm not that far along, so I can't say a lot about it - seems pretty standard Fantasy. On the weekend I listened to it while playing Skyrim, that fits really well. :)

What did you recently finish reading?

World War Z, Max Brooks. I liked it, but I tend to read pretty fast (the style lends itself to it) and after a while couldn't hold the many POV characters in my mind. There were some interesting ideas in it, as well as some horrifying ones, but also what felt like lots of filler.

What do you think you'll read next?

Marcel Reich-Ranicki died today, so he's on my mind a lot. I'll reread his autobiography, Mein Leben.
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2013-05-22 01:42 pm


I got a lot of spam here in the last few days, so I turned off anonymous commenting. I don't think there's anyone around who'd commented anonymously (apart from the spammer), so it shouldn't affect anyone. If it does: sorry! I'll turn it on again once the spam wave passes.

Anyone else having this problem? It's never been that bad before in my journal, at least on DW.
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2013-05-17 07:17 am
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Um, hi! The reason I haven't been around much is that I had so much school work, and more importantly was so peopled out by school (having to talk to people! all day!) that it completely drained my energy.

School is still on for another month, so the people thing still stands, but the work will become dramatically less after next week, when finals are done.

So of course it's the second day of finals and I just gave in and admitted that my fever is too high to take today's exam. *sigh* On the other hand, I somehow got through the one yesterday, which was probably the most nerve-wrecking of the lot, and I'll have some time to recover since the next ones are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have to call the doctor in a little while (it's still early), call the school just in case, crawl back into bed...
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2013-04-30 07:36 pm


Four years since open beta.
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2013-03-15 10:54 am

best typo ever?

I just read this in a Game of Thrones AU:
gypsies to the north; the large barbarian tribe that ran and owned the dessert plans

can't stop giggling. and now I'm hungry...
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2013-02-13 07:53 pm
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Wednesday reading meme

As seen everywhere on DW, slightly different to suit my reading habits )

What are you reading now?

Kindle: Les Misérables, Victor Hugo. There's only one German Kindle version around, and it's about 600 pages, so I ordered a longer hardcover version, too. I'll probably finish the Kindle version first (I'm somewhere in "Marius") and start the long one after that. (Shipping Javert/Valjean so hard, you guys.)

ongoing: Jahrestage, Uwe Johnson. This one's a reread and one of my favorite books of all time. It's about a German woman living in New York in the sixties as well as her family's history, from the beginning of the 20th century through the Third Reich, the Soviet occupation until the Prague Spring. It's in diary form, and I'm reading it over the year, since there's one entry for every day.

audio: Herztier, Herta Müller (published in English as "The Land of Green Plums"). I discovered Müller's writing after she got the Nobel, and I'm so glad I did. I first read her novel "Atemschaukel" ("The Hunger Angel" in English), and it's just so good. This is an earlier work, read by Katja Riemann. I'm not that far along, but I enjoy it a lot.

What did you just finish?
I'm coming out of a depressive episode (I hope) and haven't read much apart from rereading a lot of fanfic. I hope that'll change now!

What are you planning on reading next?
I want to finish the paid-for stuff on the Kindle next: Hunger Games as well as a few other books.
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2013-01-26 12:22 pm
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Les Mis

Since I've *ahem*d the movie, I've had it on pretty much all the time, the german version is on repeat on my ipod, and the rest of the time I'm singing (in my head or out loud). I've started reading the book, too.

I'm also pleased that the movie supports my ship, Javert/Valjean *g*. Apparently I've returned to my roots as an enemyslasher...

Have a rec: The Drowning Sky by zamwessell )

Does anyone have other recs? I'd love to read more Javert/Valjean, everything good with Eponine in it (*hearts Eponine*) and really, everything else.

and have a video of a flashmob promotion in Poland! )
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2013-01-22 01:26 pm

(no subject)

I survived giving my first presentation in *mumble*ty years!


*falls over*
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2013-01-08 07:32 pm


There's a new Bowie vid! There will be a new album! I'm rather excited.

Apparently I can't embed it, so here is a link:

David Bowie - Where Are We Now?

It's about Berlin, and it's weird, and it's sad, and I love it.
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2012-12-13 05:18 pm

(no subject)

This is my (current) hometown. Beautiful!

time-lapse video under the cut )
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2012-12-07 10:26 am
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I'm (sort of) offline!

Just a quick note: my landline stopped working two days ago, which means that I have no internet at home. (I'm at school right now.)

There's a lot of other stress going on, so I'm not around much. Hope I get to talk to all of you again soon!