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So here's some stuff I've been up to lately:

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tl;dr: I'm still reading a lot of fan fic, haven't found "my" new fandom yet and don't talk much in fanspace.

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tl;dr: School! and I'll post more in November.

OK, back to studying (municipal finances. Exciting!) and watching some football.


Aug. 31st, 2012 06:40 pm
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I had an awesome time. Now I'll have an awesome weekend followed by an awesome school year (ahaha... well, it's possible!)

Things that broke:
- my Kindle (ARGH, 2 months after warranty, and the Touch 3G I want isn't available here)
- the immersion heater (at the campsite without a supermarket / bakery / place I could get coffee in the morning)
- my watch strap (I didn't lose the watch, but now there's this embarrassing stripe of white skin on my arm)
- my bike lock (too much sand)
- my PC (as I discovered when I got back)

Things I acquired:
- probably some leg muscles
- a new bike lock
- some paperbacks (Schnuddelbuddel the Kindle, how could you do this to me?)
- some pretty cool pictures (which I can't show you yet, see above re: PC)
- awesome memories.

I've been almost completely away from the internet for two weeks, so I won't even try to catch up. How have you been? Anything interesting happen?
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since I'm not up to posting more substantial entries, I stole this from [personal profile] torachan:

things that make me happy today! )

So... I'm happy. how are you?
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I want to start something like [personal profile] torachan's Daily Happiness thing, but I'm crabby enough that I'll start with all my (relatively small, to be fair) grievances! *g*

cut for whining, don't click! )

OK! I feel better already. *g* I'll get on with the happy things now!


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