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Awesome picture under the cut )

I guess we're done here. I can't imagine anything better. :-)
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This has made me happy for the last two days.

video below the cut )

Here is an interview with one of the participants (German). My favorite part is how they disguised the kettledrums by putting tablecloths on them...

And this is an uncut video with the original sound, if you're wondering how they pulled it off.
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I'd like to send out cards this year - not Christmas cards per se (though if you want one of those, that's cool, too! Even if they probably won't arrive til Christmas), but winter / seasonal cards. I'd like to send them out some time from now til January / February.

I've never done this before, so I don't have a lot of addresses. Would you like a card? (Everyone who sees this is welcome to comment, btw!) Comments are screened so that you can leave an address and something about what kind of card you would / wouldn't like.
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You guys, I survived my exams! Nine of them, in fact, and the next (and last) round doesn't start til March. (I pwned the hell out of mostly everything, too, or at least I hope I did.)

Tomorrow I'll head out to my sister's directly after work, but I hope to be around more after the weekend. I'm going to draw up a real schedule because the workload will increase, and I don't like cramming that much (though I can, which puts me ahead of a lot of my classmates), and I'll make sure to put sufficient internet time in it so I don't feel so rushed all the time and like I should be studying instead.

*falls over*
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So here's some stuff I've been up to lately:

fannish )

tl;dr: I'm still reading a lot of fan fic, haven't found "my" new fandom yet and don't talk much in fanspace.

non-fannish )

tl;dr: School! and I'll post more in November.

OK, back to studying (municipal finances. Exciting!) and watching some football.
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So the last non-private entry here is ... from August? Good grief.

I'm toying with the idea of a "post every day" November, but I'll probably do at least some of it over on [personal profile] sonja, my German journal which definitely needs some attention.

I'll try for an update late this evening; I have a test in an hour (so weird, having tests and school and homework again!) in a subject that reached new levels of do not want for me. Funny enough, it's accounting, which is actually my job, so I should ace that test anyway. Now that I think about it, the test is better than lessons because the teacher won't actually be there. *g*

to do list for today - feel free to skip (no, not you, zing!) )


Aug. 31st, 2012 06:40 pm
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I had an awesome time. Now I'll have an awesome weekend followed by an awesome school year (ahaha... well, it's possible!)

Things that broke:
- my Kindle (ARGH, 2 months after warranty, and the Touch 3G I want isn't available here)
- the immersion heater (at the campsite without a supermarket / bakery / place I could get coffee in the morning)
- my watch strap (I didn't lose the watch, but now there's this embarrassing stripe of white skin on my arm)
- my bike lock (too much sand)
- my PC (as I discovered when I got back)

Things I acquired:
- probably some leg muscles
- a new bike lock
- some paperbacks (Schnuddelbuddel the Kindle, how could you do this to me?)
- some pretty cool pictures (which I can't show you yet, see above re: PC)
- awesome memories.

I've been almost completely away from the internet for two weeks, so I won't even try to catch up. How have you been? Anything interesting happen?
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This is the picture

I'm on my second day of traveling, and already I'm taking a day off. *g* Yesterday I rode from Rostock to Dierhagen, about 45km, and today I'm staying here. The campsite is immediately behind the dunes, the weather is amazing (and really hot) and I hope that next week the bike routes and the hostels and everything will be less busy. So I'm having a day on the beach.

Tomorrow: Fischland and Darß, day after that: Zingst.

As you can imagine I'm internetless, so I don't know when I'll be able to catch up (if at all). See you!
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Because of the friendslab mess, I set all the privacy levels I could find in my profile to "registered accounts". I hope that means my contact info, DoB and stuff will disappear from there. I also set my syndication feeds to "title only", which seems to work.

In more fun news, 12 hours until I get on the train! *runs in circles*


Aug. 13th, 2012 04:47 pm
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1. I have three weeks off work! I'm so happy today on my first day off, for a while I felt as if I was in an altered state. My last real vacation was early December, and I really felt the drag. Then I had to 1. get my boss to tell me who I should turn over my work to (no easy task), 2. actually explain all the stuff I do to people (huh - it doesn't seem so complicated when I just do it!), 3. finish up some stuff and 4. clear out my desk and start on packing boxes because the office will move. I was so exhausted every day for the last two weeks and I'm so glad now it's over.

2. The weather turned awesome just in time. Good job!

3. My parents came for a visit yesterday, and we had a lot of fun. We talked a while about vacation stuff, visited the lake party, listened to some good (and fun) music and went for dinner at a great restaurant, sitting outside overlooking another lake. The band I liked best was JuiceBox, a local(ish) a cappella band; They only sing their own songs, which was an exception at the party.

4. I'm preparing for my big bike tour now. I brought the bike to the shop today so it'll get fixed, I bought some stuff and started planning my route. I'll follow the Baltic Sea Cycle Route probably from Rostock to Świnoujście or thereabouts; I'll decide how much of Rügen I'll include spontaneously. I ordered a tent and a mat, too - I haven't decided if I'll camp or stay only in hostels / B&Bs. It's pretty busy up there atm, so it might be wise to have all options. I'll start Thursday or around that time - I'll let you know how it goes.

AO3 invite

Jul. 27th, 2012 06:07 pm
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I noticed that I still have my one lonely AO3 invite hanging around, and since the waiting list is apparently really long right now - anyone need it? Comments are screened, you can leave your email address or I can comment with the invite. (I hope.)
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Over on [livejournal.com profile] inceptiversary, [personal profile] eleveninches made a Crossover roundup post. I think I know most of the ones on there, but I'm always glad for opportunities to reread, and I added three recs - here's what's in my pinboard:

inception xo with SCC, Sandman and Detective Comics )
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since I'm not up to posting more substantial entries, I stole this from [personal profile] torachan:

things that make me happy today! )

So... I'm happy. how are you?
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I stayed home today since I couldn't sleep at all last night. Today's a school day, anyway, so I didn't even call in sick to work - will have to figure out if I have to tomorrow.

The big thing right now is the football euros, of course! I've been watching as much as I could, reading along on twitter and my favorite ticker on 11freunde (german) and having fun.

Some of my favorite things:

When the Irish fans gave everyone goosebumps )

This picture. )

the rain! )

And some actual football content: the most beautiful goal so far )
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I'm here, but you don't see me...

I'm still around, though - recently reading in Avengers fandom. To my surprise, for once my favorite pairing is not the most popular one! I don't really like Steve/Tony much, though I'll read good fic with it because that's how I roll, but really I'm all about team!fic with a side of Clint/Natasha. Mmmm.

But since there's some RL stuff eating up my energy, I'm not up to posting a lot (or even commenting. The AO3 kudos button is the most I can manage on most days). Sorry about that! I'm back at "school" three days a week starting tomorrow, though, which leaves me with a lot more free time, so we'll see how it goes then.

Of course, Friday the Euros start, so there's a chance that those hypothetical updates will be all about football. I might have spent some hours today surfing YouTube for penalty shootouts. (Spoiler: Germany usually wins. *g*) Oops? Is anyone around here even remotely interested in football, or should I move to [community profile] football and not annoy all of you?

Anyway, I hope I'll talk to you soon!
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I laughed.

football in the wind! )
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I'm supposed to pick up a friend from the train station soonish - she arrived from Mumbai this morning and the wonder that is the German train system makes it easier and faster and cheaper for her to travel north to me and for us to drive (a bit) south again to my sister's.

It's funny: She's the most-traveled person I know (though I suspect this isn't a word), and she has the WORST luck I've ever seen when it comes to travel. Terrorist bombings, suspected terrorist attacks, technical difficulties - everything. She's never been in danger, as far as I know, just always inconvenienced by it.

Now I'm watching it in effect. It's awe-inspiring: In Frankfurt airport there's a strike on, her train was already late when it arrived there, apparently there was a fire alarm or something in the station, and now there's technical difficulties with the train. O_O

At least she's on the train and just has to wait until it all works out, and I can see on the internet when I actually have to be at the station.

I'm looking forward to seeing her so much - it's been some years. \o/
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fannish edition )

nonfannish edition )

In other news: I joined Chicon so that I can vote for the Hugos, and nominations are open! Any tips on what I should read / nominate? I have to check which of N. K. Jemisin's books might be eligible, and I see that she's asking people to vote for her editor, which I will do because I have no ideas about editors at all, but what else? You can see the categories here.
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Err, yes. Hi? *g* I'm sort of back. Don't have much time, so just a short RL update:

I was on vacation, which was so, so awesome. I went to Austria as planned, met up with my parents and spent a nice week in the place we've been on vacation since forever. (My grandparents had their first vacation there in 1966, I think.)

It was so awesome that I decided against Slovenia and stayed there another week. Sorry, Slovenia! I'll get around to it! Maybe next year - I saw that the train I arrived on went all the way to Belgrade via Zagreb, so I might do that and visit Austria on the way back.

Unfortunately I slept on an old sofa, and the day before I went home I threw out my back. I'm all lopsided, and it hurts all the time. I've never had back problems before, and yes, they do suck. Since I'm me, I dragged myself to work til Wednesday and only went to the doctor yesterday. Apparently it's nothing that's too bad, but since I sit all day at work and that makes it a lot worse, I could stay home yesterday and today.

In a few minutes I'll take the train to my sister's because: Nephew 3 has arrived! They're all fine and happy, and I can't wait to meet him. *g*

I hope I'll have time for a "real" update soon, but well, don't hold your breath... I have awesome photos though, so we'll see.
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I'm leaving for my holiday this evening and will probably be internetless for at least a week. (Unless my sister goes into labor in the next four hours, in which case I'll be staying with her.) Don't break anything while I'm gone!
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