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Um, hi! The reason I haven't been around much is that I had so much school work, and more importantly was so peopled out by school (having to talk to people! all day!) that it completely drained my energy.

School is still on for another month, so the people thing still stands, but the work will become dramatically less after next week, when finals are done.

So of course it's the second day of finals and I just gave in and admitted that my fever is too high to take today's exam. *sigh* On the other hand, I somehow got through the one yesterday, which was probably the most nerve-wrecking of the lot, and I'll have some time to recover since the next ones are Tuesday and Wednesday.

Have to call the doctor in a little while (it's still early), call the school just in case, crawl back into bed...
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Just a quick note: my landline stopped working two days ago, which means that I have no internet at home. (I'm at school right now.)

There's a lot of other stress going on, so I'm not around much. Hope I get to talk to all of you again soon!
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You guys, I survived my exams! Nine of them, in fact, and the next (and last) round doesn't start til March. (I pwned the hell out of mostly everything, too, or at least I hope I did.)

Tomorrow I'll head out to my sister's directly after work, but I hope to be around more after the weekend. I'm going to draw up a real schedule because the workload will increase, and I don't like cramming that much (though I can, which puts me ahead of a lot of my classmates), and I'll make sure to put sufficient internet time in it so I don't feel so rushed all the time and like I should be studying instead.

*falls over*
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So here's some stuff I've been up to lately:

fannish )

tl;dr: I'm still reading a lot of fan fic, haven't found "my" new fandom yet and don't talk much in fanspace.

non-fannish )

tl;dr: School! and I'll post more in November.

OK, back to studying (municipal finances. Exciting!) and watching some football.


Aug. 31st, 2012 06:40 pm
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I had an awesome time. Now I'll have an awesome weekend followed by an awesome school year (ahaha... well, it's possible!)

Things that broke:
- my Kindle (ARGH, 2 months after warranty, and the Touch 3G I want isn't available here)
- the immersion heater (at the campsite without a supermarket / bakery / place I could get coffee in the morning)
- my watch strap (I didn't lose the watch, but now there's this embarrassing stripe of white skin on my arm)
- my bike lock (too much sand)
- my PC (as I discovered when I got back)

Things I acquired:
- probably some leg muscles
- a new bike lock
- some paperbacks (Schnuddelbuddel the Kindle, how could you do this to me?)
- some pretty cool pictures (which I can't show you yet, see above re: PC)
- awesome memories.

I've been almost completely away from the internet for two weeks, so I won't even try to catch up. How have you been? Anything interesting happen?
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since I'm not up to posting more substantial entries, I stole this from [personal profile] torachan:

things that make me happy today! )

So... I'm happy. how are you?
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fannish edition )

nonfannish edition )

In other news: I joined Chicon so that I can vote for the Hugos, and nominations are open! Any tips on what I should read / nominate? I have to check which of N. K. Jemisin's books might be eligible, and I see that she's asking people to vote for her editor, which I will do because I have no ideas about editors at all, but what else? You can see the categories here.
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My flist knows everything!

So. I'll be in Austria in September. And since it's really close and I've never been, I'm planning a trip to Slovenia afterwards - about a week. So far I'm planning to go to Maribor (because it's pretty and because it's really close to the part of Austria I'll be starting out from) and Ljubljana. I've just rediscovered my love for travel by train, so that's probably how I'll get around.

So: ideas? cities / landmarks / people I should see?

(Guys, I love travelling. I'm so thankful I can do it! Also, I'm still around, just not... well, let's not get into it. Just - I love you all, even if I haven't been talking to you!)
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It's better than not posting at all, I suppose...

LotR love: Still going strong.

Otherwise I'm not as good as I'd like - last week I accomplished not much besides work. Today was pretty great, I cooked a lot and made some progress with tidying/cleaning, but I can't really tell how the week is going to be...

lyrics )

This song is me at my worst. I'm not actually in a sad mood most of the time, just... yeah.
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cut for depression talk )

Fannish news: I've been reading LotR fic, rereading the book and watching the movies (in that order. *g*) I blame [personal profile] ratcreature. I read maybe two fics when the movies came out, so it's all new to me! It's also the first time I start in on a fandom via delicious, which is actually pretty cool. Of course it's probably pretty dead by now, but at least I can still find a lot of fic.

What's weird: I don't know what I want in this fandom yet. Usually I imprint on a genre / pairing early on, read everything there is and afterward expand into other stuff. But in LotR I read long gen fic, but then came upon those loooong elfsex pwps and liked at least some of them, too, then Legolas/Gimli, then the Boromir-Survives genre, then.... and I can't tell which I like best. I read book!verse and movie!verse. (I didn't read the RPF yet because I'm afraid I might like that, too, and I don't need another new fandom now.) I might be most impressed by fic quality here! Which is a first for me... *g*

So: Anyone got LotR recs? Fic, meta, vids, any genre? What did you like?

I'm back!

Jan. 11th, 2011 02:06 pm
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Back from Canada, back in my timezone, back on my computer. Hurrah! Back to work tomorrow, which is not quite as hurrah, but I don't actually mind.

I hope I'll get around to posting some pictures, but now I have to make this place at least somewhat habitable. I always mean to do this before leaving, and yet...
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So Vox is dying - I vaguely remembered having an account there and imported it into typepad. Don't ask me why. But! It's a good thing I did! The two weeks I was actually posting there was right around the birth of Nephew1, including an entry from the actual day, summing up the whole confusing story (lots of driving around, for one thing), so that was nice.

And I found this, which I probably posted there to test before posting it to [community profile] scans_daily

Piper's coming out in Flash:

DC Comics, the Pied Piper coming out to his friend, the Flash (incarnation Wally West). He's ... totally cool with it. Only not so much. This is actually really funny and realistically sort-of-sad at the same time.

(Reposting here because I'll delete it on Typepad - if I ever use it, it'll be for my non-fandom stuff, and I don't want to link my two online identities, at least not in this direction.)
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or, damn, another weather post

But first: I want this bag )

Fortunately the heat's getting to other people, too.

Just now at the coffee-shop (do you call a shop a coffee shop when it's the one where you buy coffee you then brew yourself? argh, see above re: heat)

Me: One pound, coarsely ground, please.
Salesperson *fills coffee into the grinder* Whole beans, you say?
Me: No, coarsely ground.
Salesperson: Ah yes of course. 4,99, please.
Me: *pays*
Salesperson: Here's the change and your receipt. Have a nice day!
Me: Ummm... the coffee?

Number of words I had to look up for this: 4. See above re: argh.

Off to take the second cold shower of the day.
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4:0. Wow. This was even better than last Sunday. Germany played really well, didn't leave Argentina a lot of chances (even Messi, who'll probably want to forget this whole championship as soon as possible) and acted as a real team.

That's something most of the other big teams were missing: actual teamwork. I'm really glad that the German team does it so well, maybe the eternal "Leitwolf" discussion will finally die - that is, the assumption that you have to have a player who's the leader. The last instance of this was when it was certain that Ballack won't play, but I think the team proved that they don't need one.

That's another thing: it's not the championship of the big stars, and I actually like that. Here, have a video: Nike Worldcup spot )

Of course these are just players that have a Nike contract, but it's still interesting that a) most of them didn't shine in the championship and b) most of them are already out. (Ronaldinho wasn't even there in the first place.) And I don't mind that. I'm all for fangirling players (Miro Klose has 14 World Cup goals now! Same as Gerd Müller!), but I like it that the team's the most important thing.

And who knows? Maybe it'll come true! 54, 74, 90, 2010 )

Wow. I love football right now. Maybe enough to watch Bundesliga again... after all I have a team right here.


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