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What are you currently reading?

On the Kindle: Huntress, Malinda Lo. So far I like it, it's a fast read, though I suspect it won't be rereading material. Still, fun!

At home: The Hanging of Angélique, Afua Cooper. A book about Canadian slavery focused on the story of Marie-Joseph Angélique, a black slave who presumably started the fire that burnt down Montréal in 1734. I knew nothing about the topic, so it's slow going, but a compelling read.

In bed: Jahrestage, Uwe Johnson. Still one of my favorite books of all time. I rearead this a lot. It has daily entries from the life of Gesine Cresspahl from 1967-1968, who tells her own story, her family's story and thereby German history of the 20th century up to that time. Every time I reread, I find new things in it.

Audio: The Kingkiller Chronicles, Patrick Rothfuss. I'm not that far along, so I can't say a lot about it - seems pretty standard Fantasy. On the weekend I listened to it while playing Skyrim, that fits really well. :)

What did you recently finish reading?

World War Z, Max Brooks. I liked it, but I tend to read pretty fast (the style lends itself to it) and after a while couldn't hold the many POV characters in my mind. There were some interesting ideas in it, as well as some horrifying ones, but also what felt like lots of filler.

What do you think you'll read next?

Marcel Reich-Ranicki died today, so he's on my mind a lot. I'll reread his autobiography, Mein Leben.


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