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since I'm not up to posting more substantial entries, I stole this from [personal profile] torachan:

things that make me happy today! )

So... I'm happy. how are you?
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fannish edition )

nonfannish edition )

In other news: I joined Chicon so that I can vote for the Hugos, and nominations are open! Any tips on what I should read / nominate? I have to check which of N. K. Jemisin's books might be eligible, and I see that she's asking people to vote for her editor, which I will do because I have no ideas about editors at all, but what else? You can see the categories here.
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Because I'm vaguely annoyed and don't want to be.

1. It's Sunday! With lots of sun, even!
2. I had coffee on my balcony this morning.
3. There was a blackbird sitting on the railing, and I could see it open its beak and sing, so now I know how blackbirds sound like. (I wasn't sure before because I have no directional hearing.)
4. I just called my mother (Mother's Day!) and we had a really nice conversation and said that we love each other. That doesn't happen often enough.
5. My hands smell of rosemary.

and a meme for the bored via [insanejournal.com profile] painless_j:

65 questions with their boring answers )

Aaand I'm feeling better already!

ETA: Just spent some time planting my herb garden. It has 3 floors! I'd forgotten how much fun planting is. Pictures to follow when everything has dried off a little and I had a chance to sweep the balcony. (I'd forgotten how seriously dirty it is, too. *g*)
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*eyes the shop*

*checks the time*

... hmmmm....

ETA: I did it. Hey, it was like a sign that I should!

ETA II: I only posted this on IJ, so if you're only reading me here and still need an invite, speak up! First come, first serve.
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Only not talking. Which makes me sad, but what can I do? I spent my week off almost completely offline at my sister's, then work sapped nearly all my energy - now there's a long weekend, and I'll head to my parents'... forces are against me.

But today I'm home, and tomorrow I might be, too, so yay! Internets!

I hope I'll finally get around to doing my OTW translator work, too. It's fun, and it's actually pretty easy for me, but still, so behind...

I might try for a "post every day!" in May. It's something I always wanted to do.

I thought of saving this up for a "X days of happy" post, but what the hell: Beware the power of fangirls! An Amazon.com screenshot (yes, I know, but I was only browsing).

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Just really tired.

First a ridiculous story to make you happy! Yes, really.

On Thursday, when I was getting ready for work, I dropped my cell phone. Into my full coffee mug. ... The mug didn't even fall over, it was such a perfect fit - just coffee splashing everywhere. And a dead cell phone. I didn't even get really mad because it was so stupid. *g*

My happy thing today: my bike )

I'm getting outdoorsy! Running again, the bike... it really is spring.

Tomorrow I'll drive over to my sister's - she's invited some people, and we'll have barbecue and an Easter fire. Sunday there'll be Brunch at my parents, so I might be offline til Monday. We'll see.
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Disclaimer: It's getting late. My English skills seem to be asleep already, sorry. This'll have to be short...

Anyway, I consider myself tagged for this meme by mirabile_dictu on IJ. (I really need to find that post on how to link users again.)

1. Post about something that made you happy today, even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for eight days.

"getting an invite code for DW" is the easiest happy thing I've had in a while. *g*

I'm really excited about Dreamwidth - there's the whole "shiny new thing" aspect, of course, but I like the ... vision of it, for lack of a better word. It's someplace I can see making my fannish home, which LJ ceased to be a while ago and IJ never really became.

And when I say shiny, I really mean it. WOW. This is closed beta, and the usability is already lots better! These people know their stuff.

(I just mistyped "people" three times. Time to get away from the computer, I think.)


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