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In other news: I joined Chicon so that I can vote for the Hugos, and nominations are open! Any tips on what I should read / nominate? I have to check which of N. K. Jemisin's books might be eligible, and I see that she's asking people to vote for her editor, which I will do because I have no ideas about editors at all, but what else? You can see the categories here.
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So, here's the thing. Last year I bought a Worldcon Membership in order to vote for the Hugos. It was a really cool experience - John Scalzi put together a "voter package" which included a lot of the nominess, so I felt qualified for voting even though I'd read exactly one of the nominated works before.

What I didn't know:
As a member of Anticipation, the 2009 World Science Fiction Convention, you are able to nominate works for the 2010 Hugo Awards which will be presented in Melbourne, Australia at Aussiecon 4.

My problem: Though I'm reading a lot more Fantasy and SF than oh, two years ago (when I didn't read any at all), I still don't know a lot of recent works I could nominate. I don't read the magazines, I don't know more than three authors (who are well-known enough that I don't feel the need to nominate them), though I know some fan-writing, I'm sure there's so much I don't see...

So: Tell me what to nominate! I can nominate up to five works/people in every category, so don't be shy! Works are eligible if they were first published in 2009 or, for works in languages other than English, first published in English in 2009. (Works don't have to be published in English to be eligible.)

The Hugo Categories )

Last year I did two posts on some nominees and what I thought about them. You can find them here if you want to know what I liked and didn't like. Apart from that - I'd like to nominate some fannish stuff, stuff by women, stuff by minorities, stuff that might be overlooked by the "general" fantasy / SF audience, stuff that's just cool, ...

If you can think of anything, please let me know! I like a lot of different genres, and I need new things to read / watch all the time.

P.S.: Anyone know where I could crosspost this?
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What are novelettes anyway? (I can see the need for a word that means "longer than a short story but shorter than a novella", but somehow I'd expected the English language to come up with something... better. I'm thankful for "Erzählung".)

Anyway, nominees and my votes! The links take you directly to the stories (the overview is here); you can read them for free and I encourage you to do this. Cool fiction for free - almost like in fandom! *g* (In fact, some of the Nominees are fanfic.)

My number one: The Gambler by Paolo Bacigalupi. READ THIS. I MEAN IT. The POV character is an online journalist in the US with Lao roots, and the story is about that, but also about doing the right thing and telling the important stories and how you hold on to what's important. I loved this and I really, really want this story to win a Hugo.

Second place: Alastair Baffle's Emporium of Wonders by Mike Resnick. This is a story about two ninety-year-old guys who have been friends all their life. slight spoilers ) The reviews I've seen are mostly negative, but I liked this.

Third: Pride and Prometheus (pdf-link) by John Kessel. This is exactly what you might suspect - and by "you" I'm talking about a fandom person. vague spoilers for the premise of the story )

So I recommend those stories (the last one with caveats, see the cut above). The last two nominees I don't want to win.

Shoggoths in Bloom by Elizabeth Bear. This one's fanfic, too! Lovecraft fanfic, to be exact. The reason I'm not rating this one is the obvious one - I only heard of Bear during RaceFail, and I don't want her to win a Hugo. I read the story with that in mind, to be honest, but the story itself didn't convince me either. plot spoiler )

The last nominee: The Ray Gun - a Love Story by James Alan Gardner. This one simply bored me, and I didn't finish it, so I don't have anything useful to say.
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I finished some Hugo categories! I figured since I got to read them, I should vote, too. This is hard, since the voting works on this complicated system I seem to remember from the LJ elections (and whatever happened to [livejournal.com profile] legomymalfoy?).

First things first: If you're interested in the things that are nominated, go here. Most of the stuff I've read (mainly shorter forms) are available for free and linked from there.

So without further ado: Hugo Nominees. (Spoilerish things will be cut, of course.)

Best Short Story

My favorite is 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss by Kij Johnson: Aimee's big trick is that she makes 26 monkeys vanish onstage.

This is everything I want from a short story: An interesting idea (vanishing monkeys!), great writing, likeable characters. And an ending that actually made me tear up.

Second place: Evil Robot Monkey by Mary Robinette Kowal. Two monkey stories in one category! And this one is really the opposite of "26 Monkeys". It's harsh, it's monkey POV, it's more scifi than fantasy, it's really short, and it packs a punch.

Third: Exhalation by Ted Chiang. This one's what I assume is classic science fiction: It's pure world-building based on scientific principle. Really interesting, though a little hard to get into for me.

Fourth: Article of Faith by Mike Resnick. A robot story. It's a good read with a good character voice, but it's a little too on the nose for me. A basic spoiler! ) Rather predictable.

Fifth: From Babel's Fallen Glory We Fled by Michael Swanwick. A cool SF story with an interesting take on human/alien interaction. The reason it's number five? cut though it's in the first few paragraphs of the story )

So short version: You should totally head over there and read these. And if you want to vote, you have to buy a membership for Anticipation for 50$/35€. So far I have to say it's worth it - the Voter Package you get has a lot of great stuff.


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